Key Features

  • Compatible with 32-bit/64-bit Microsoft Windows® 7, Windows® XP and Windows® server 2003/2008 – Support for the latest versions of Microsoft operating systems
  • Numerous communication methods including TCP/IP, dial-up and GSM modems – High degree of versatility allowing connection methods to suit both local small networks and site wide national and international installations
  • Automatic fire door release function – Allows the automatic unlocking of fire doors in the event of a fire1
  • Advanced prioritised alarm handling for optimum operator response time – Alarm conditions are brought immediately to the attention of the operator2
  • Personnel image capture and Photo ID badge design and print with video verification – No need to purchase a photo ID badging module. Everything is included as standard2

The Following features are also available with EXgarde PRO and EXgarde Enterprise:

  • Integration capability with leading manufacturers of DVR equipment and biometric readers; TDSi DIGIgarde integration included as standard – Provides a means of accessing and controlling third party equipment through EXgarde PRO without the need to run additional applications.
  • IP camera connectivity – Standard feature allowing the display of live video feeds from any netcam camera.
  • Integration to third-party ODBC databases (using SDK or predefined protocol), building management, fire and intruder systems – A means of seamlessly transferring and populating cardholder data and events between systems