Key Features

  • Enhanced Security – Take control of your own sector and key definition along with re-configuration of readers.
  • Configure your own readers – Provides facility to reconfigure TDSi’s sector readers with recourse to TDSi for increased security.
  • Use pre-assigned sequential numbers – Provides effective method of card programming which eliminates duplication.
  • Secure user access – Control who is able to access the software and issue cards.
  • Read and identify existing cards – Identify existing cards and sector usage before migrating your existing system cards.
  • Logs all cards issued – Provides history of cards which have been issued for future reference.
  • Multiple card number options – Use unique number, custom number or CSN to program into sector provides increased flexibility.
  • Dual decode options – Allows you to decode the new 7 byte UID using TDSi’s format or NXP’s format for increased flexibility.