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Al Maalim develops, markets and provides technical support for multiple levels of integrated solutions technology commensurate with the needs of corporate, large, medium and small


The first company in the field of card technology and control systems.


Providing best products and services in the field of card technology, control systems, and security systems by a certified team to be the most reliable in this field.

Company’s Profile

Al Maalim International Co.


was established in 1995 to be a leading company in the field of card systems and integrated security solutions and providing the latest solutions, products, and services in this field.

We provide a wide range of entrance surveillance systems, biometric systems, card systems, printing and encoding, sign-in and sign-out systems, security management system, visitors management systems, surveillance systems, and digital alarm devices.



Development and Innovation

Al Maalim International Co., through the development and research team, keeps abreast of the latest in the field of security services in order to meet the multiple needs of the companies, institutions, and authorities as well as providing the required services, operation program, and technical support for these projects. We are always after continuous development and learning.


Customers and Information

The personnel of Al Maalim International Co. are trained to keep confidential the information of our customers. Satisfying our customers by achieving their goals is a real value for all members of the company’s personnel.


Reliability and Services

We understand the significance of the quality of products and customer service; therefore, we distinguish ourselves by speed, innovation and quality. Explore our products and you will discover that they are user-friendly, easy-to-install, and developable. Al Maalim International Co. provides a large set of maintenance contracts and technical support either at the branches of the company or at the locations of the customer round the clock and all the year round. The company has programs for qualifying the technicians of our customers in order to conduct maintenance and self-operation.