Restricted Access – Healthcare

Using access control software from AIC Security Products can help a hospital establish defined security areas/zones. Using the badging software, the hospital can issue badges to all of its employees, medical staff, contractors and even vendors. Properly issued access cards can provide access to appropriate facilities, buildings, or areas from the one access card based on the level of access that was granted. For example, an attending physician can have access to the building and the operating room suites but not to the pharmacy. This ensures that sensitive areas like pharmacies, central supply, and research clinics are only accessible to authorized personnel. Strong audit and search functions coupled with integrated video can reduce incidents, risk, and provide a level of security your visitors and staff expect.

In the healthcare industry it is essential to balance patient accessibility with patient security. With an integrated solution from AIC Security Products we can provide a proven application for your unique healthcare requirements.

AIC Security Products recognizes that healthcare security is unique in a number of ways and requires industry expertise to properly meet the ever changing regulations and requirements’ that are specific to healthcare security.