Access Control and Intruder products

AIC helps the Ports and Maritime sector to meet their security requirements by providing access control and intruder products. From single door access control to enterprise wide integrated security systems AIC’s solutions empowers the transportation industry to meet its requirements to ensure a safe and secure environment.

Access control is an important part of the security environment in the Port and Maritime sector and provides the ability to control and monitor movement of staff in restricted areas. This helps the port authority to meet the requirements of the ISPS Security code. The ability to run AIC’s access control system over the IT infrastructure is particularly beneficial in a port where the geographical area can be large and having to run cable for individual systems can involve significant expense.

This ability to integrate AIC’s systems is possible not only at the physical (cabling) level but also at the application level the access control and intruder systems can be brought together to provide a single point of control. AIC’s integrated approach will enable Port and Maritime clients to secure restricted areas, detect and analyze incidents, and manage those incidents effectively in order to protect travelers and cargo.