Performances The UHF mobile terminal is designed for short to medium range applications for a rapid, easy and selective contactless identification. The core component of the WorkAbout Pro 3 RFID reader is the new STid URi Powerful UHF module. This innovative UHF module offers an optimized ratio size/performance and low power consuming. Build on mobility

The WorkAbout Pro 3’s Natural Task Support™ means mobile workers get the job done faster and more comfortably since it’s purpose-built to the right level of ruggedness, ergonomics and usability for any environment. It starts with a full-VGA display for finer detail and easier readability, and an ergonomic keypad designed for one-hand operation.


The hardware expansion slots of the WorkAbout Pro 3 make adding new modules fast and easy – saving significant time and money. The WorkAbout Pro 3 delivers next-generation modularity that enables customers to easily configure their device to suit a variety of applications and tasks.

Rugged reliability

The WorkAbout Pro 3 performs wherever your work takes you. It’s technology made tough. Built to withstand multiple drops from six feet to concrete, the WorkAbout Pro 3 easily handles shock and vibration. Its IP65 rating protects it against dust and water sprayed from all directions.

  • Frequency UHF – 866 / 960 MHz
  • Standards ISO18000-6C
  • Functions Read/Write
  • Interface WIFI
  • Reading distance 0 – 3 m
  • Color Black
  • Dimensions 223 x 75/100 x 31/42 mm
  • Operating temperature – 20°C / + 50°C
  • Storage temperature – 20°C / + 50°C


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