High-speed contactless identification This terminal uses the latest generation of STid UHF readers to identify vehicles moving at more than 200 kph*. These exceptional levels of performance provide an effective solution for track and trace needs in the rail and road transport industries, for instance. 100% wireless SolarGuard® is completely wireless, for quick and easy installation. It requires no wiring for communications or power supply. SolarGuard® is self-powered, with a battery, charger and a solar panel to meet all its energy needs. The terminal also boasts a GSM/GPRS module for instant remote communications with the server of your choice. High strength SolarGuard® is designed to withstand environmental conditions in the most demanding areas. Its pole is resistant to wet and corrosive environments and to extreme temperature variations (EN 795). The reader is dust-tight and fully protected from powerful water jets (IP66).

SolarGuard – UHF AVI Standalone reader


  • Frequency UHF – 866 / 960 MHz
  • Standards ISO18000-6C
  • Functions Read Only
  • Reading distance 0 – 6 m
  • Material ABS
  • Color Grey
  • Operating temperature – 20°C / + 55°C
  • Storage temperature -20°C / +55°C
  • IP 66
  • IK 07


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