Sig100 – Sig 200 Signature pads

Signature pads for simplicity and security
Sig100 and Sig200 signature pads are ideal for:

Government and administration services : identity documents, registration forms
Businesses : contracts, personnel management and visitor management
Financial services : opening accounts, taking out loans
Retail : payment confirmation, customer loyalty programs
Health : admission documents, medical records
Tourism and leisure : registration, checking in and checking out
Insert signatures directly in your cards
Sig100 and Sig200 signature pads can be used with a computer and an Evolis card printer to include a signature in an ID card design and improve card security.

Sig 100 & Sig 200 signature pad main features

Backlit display
Super slim design and smooth surface for natural signing experience
Real time signature display
Plug and Play USB connection
Encrypted data transfer
Strong stylus tether with swivel for ease of use
Find the right model for your needs:

Backlit display
Monochrome (Sig100) or color (Sig200) display
Super slim, ergonomic design
Smooth surface
Non-scratch finish
Real time signature display
Connects to computer via USB 2.0
Standard stylus
Tether with swivel
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Sig100 : Sig200 :
Diagonal: 4’’ (10,5 cm) 5’’ (12,7 cm)
Display: Monochrome Color
Resolution: 320 x 160 pixels 640 x 480 pixels
Pixel size: 0,275 mm 0.0529 x 0.1587 mm
Display area: 95 x 47 mm 101 x 76 mm


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