The AFIS, DERMALOG’s core product, is the result of more than 20 years of experience in the development of Automatic Fingerprint Identification Systems (“AFIS”). The DERMALOG  AFIS is used worldwide in governmental institutions as well as in small to medium-zed companies to multinational enterprises. It achieves the highest possible identification and hit rates in service – in small as well as in large databases. Numerous AFIS installations display DERMALOG’s expertise and dedication. The DERMALOG staff is characterized by outstanding know-how and high intercultural competence, which allows them to create systems that exactly meet technical requirements and are adapted to any cultural and environmental condition. Thus, DERMALOG’s focus is not limited by local or country-specific conditions – due to its worldwide activity, DERMALOG is familiar with all conditions on all continents and we consistently incorporate this additional know-how into our technology, in particular the software. DERMALOG has delivered the world’s first combined AFIS for crime investigation and civil applications to Brazil. The system has been up and running for years and nowadays represents the largest and most advanced AFIS on the entire South American continent and was acknowledged accordingly by the international press. The DERMALOG AFIS runs on all standard PCs, in particular those running Windows, Linux, Solaris and AIX operating systems, without any additional or special hardware and can be easily integrated into existing systems. It is available in a wide range of versions, from major installations to mobile laptop versions. It offers all global standards of AFIS fingerprint technology (ANSI/NIST, etc.), simplifying worldwide networking and data exchange with other AFIS systems. Simple and intuitive to operate, DERMALOG AFIS stands for the highest levels of reliability and security. AFIS for police and civilian applications (ANSI/NIST)


Hardware Platforms:

Standard PCs and laptops and/or servers on Intel/AMD/SPARC/Power hardware; open systems without additional special hardware

Operating Systems:

Microsoft Windows, AIX, Linux including Oracle Linux 5.5, Solaris 9 and recently Solaris 10 and Solaris 11


Standard RDBMS, such as Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, etc.


DERMALOG AFIS workstation software packages and DERMALOG AFIS server software packages

System Design:

Modular and upgradeable, with local and peripheral stations


Standard flatbed scanner with automatic document feeder (ADF) and TWAIN interface

Live Scanners:

Various devices are available with optical scanning and chip live scanner as single-user and network solutions (live scanner for palm print and control prints is also available), 500 dpi at 256 gray scales, ANSI / NIST, WSQ compression

Finger Print Codes (Sample):

256 Bytes up to 4 kByte, depending on the application


Depending on the finger position (360° possible)


1:N (one-to-many) search and 1:1 (one-to-one) search integrated; 1:N matching with more than 100,000,000 matches per second

Search Criteria:

All variants of tenprint (TP) and latent prints (LP): TP-TP / LP-TP / TP-LP / LP-LP, additional search criteria based on one or two fingerprints

Search Results:

Results list/hit list with split-screen view and results printout, hit list adjustable

Memory Capacity:

Unlimited, depending on the hardware used


Completely integrated (including JPEG color picture compression)

Personal Data:

Completely integrated/easily upgradeable with existing databases


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