Automatic License Plate Recognition System

The Automatic Licence Plate Recogition System is used to capture entry vehicles’ car plate numbers. As the vehicles triggered the Loop Sensor, the UVSS and Automatic Licence Plate Recogition System would be activated and images of the undercarriage and license plates are captured respectively. The captured car plate numbers are then transferred to the Colourscan Computer Monitoring Station on the LCD screen. Hence, the entry vehicle’s information such as car plate number, date and time of entry would be saved within the Colourscan database.

In the future, security officers can search for undercarriage images based on the car plate numbers or date and time of entry. The UVSS could be integrated together with the Automatic Licence Recognition Plate System as a total access control system. With the ALPR, seeing officer do not have to key in the car plate numbers of the vehicles entering the premises as the process is done automatically by the ALRP


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