Colourscan UVSS

Colourscan emerged as a strong under vehicle inspection system since the tragic Bangkok bomb blast on New Year day which caused much damages and fear.

In contrast to the conventional under vehicle inspection methods, like hand-held mirrors or inspection wells, Colourscan uvss eliminates vehicle traffic slowing down at checkpoints.

Important premises are now geared with advanced uvss systems at vehicle scanning checkpoints to supplement security procedures.  Colourscan technology eliminates the undercarriage search mirrors.


  • Government facilities
  • Law enforcement checkpoints
  • Military bases
  • Airbase
  • Naval base
  • Airports
  • Border checkpoints
  • Commercial hotels
  • Commercial banks
  • Commercial car parks


  • Inspect cars or heavy duty trucks
  • High traffic operation 24 hours a day
  • Suitable for detection of bombs or attached packages hidden under the car and trucks
  • English software applications and interface windows
  • Easy installation of permanent or non-permanent set up
Special Features:
  • Is an intelligent linear scan vehicle inspection system build to screen the underbodies of different vehicle types in seconds
  • Transmit a high resolution undercarriage image to the computer for immediate review
  • Is more than just a camera system, has intelligence software embedded with unique operation features and vehicle access database
  • Has image zoom functions for easy identification of threats
  • Scans vehicles traveling at different speed
  • Can be operated in various environmental conditions
Colourscan Undercarriage Image
Optional Features:
  • Automatic License plate recognition (Option)
  • Automatic Vehicle View Capture (Option)
  • Can be integrated with various access control systems for system enhancement (Option)
  • Network solution to provide centralized access monitoring (Option)
Colourscan GUI

Colourscan lay out


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